Global Telco Client

Global Telco Client

The Challenge

Develop and operationalise a multi-market focused segmentation model with relevance across 17 regions for a global telecommunication company. Create clear ‘get, grow and keep’ strategies per segment and provide a consolidated marketing strategy per country.

The Approach

  • We began by analyzing existing brand health tracker data to inform a segmentation hypothesis, we then selected proxy markets in which we conducted qualitative research to provide texture.
  • We conducted a quantitative validation exercise of existing client data such as monthly reports, detailed profiling and confirmatory modelling, secondary validation via existing primary research surveys, which we interrogated and overlayed into a model using an existing value segmentation to deliver a matrix output.
  • To operationalise the strategy we facilitated strategy workshops to achieve consensus among internal teams in which we defined, clustered and prioritised segments with clear action points per country.
  • We also collaborated and worked with HoDs in the product and customer experience country teams and agencies to test hypotheses, fill in gaps, refine and finalise the segmentation strategy to include demographics, pen portraits, needs and behaviours, a go-to market strategy (per country and segment) and value propositions.

The Outcome

  • A rich, multi-dimensional and practical segmentation platform with aligned go-to-market strategies by segment and country for scalable and accurate in-market This enabled the business identify opportunities and create relevant propositions.
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