Let's dig a little deeper

It all began when Andy Rice founded Yellowwood in 1997.

Since then, we’ve helped our clients build better businesses. In doing so, we’ve also created a better business for ourselves. Today, we are South Africa’s leading marketing strategy consultancy with clients that reach across Africa and the globe.

Over the years, we’ve deepened our specialist capabilities and grown our footprint, to evolve into a company that bridges the traditional divide between business and brand and in 2020 our expansion included merging with HDI Youth Consultancy to maximise our youth insights and capabilities, covering the full spectrum of the African market where almost 60% of the population is under 25.

Already known and respected for our deep strategic capabilities, we now hold the data-rich HDI properties Sunday Times Gen Next, a youth-behaviour survey that also explores which brands are successfully connecting with you and the Junior Board of Directors, three youth panels that provide meaningful insight into youth culture.

The best of HDI, including people, tools and platforms are fully integrated into Yellowwood’s insight and strategy expertise.

It is this unique perspective that allows us to solve challenges with a disciplined, rigorous but pragmatic process, balanced with insight, creative and disruptive thinking. We call this ‘Unconventional Wisdom®’ and it all starts with asking ‘why’.