Global Beverages Client

Global Beverages Client

The Challenge

Define a market entry strategy across 48 markets for a global alcoholic beverage company to build a business with speed and scale in the mainstream African market.

The Approach

  • We began with a meta-analysis to gather multiple reputable sources of information, data and indices for the category.
  • We then developed a bespoke index to assess the relative opportunity across multiple markets in Sub Saharan Africa and to select the most ‘fertile’ proxy markets for a market-entry strategy, which included sizing of the opportunity.
  • Qualitative and quantitative research was then conducted across the proxy markets to understand and quantify local habits, attitudes and behaviours in the category.
  • We also conducted market distribution and trade immersions to help us build a route-to-market strategy, delivered as a comprehensive prioritisation plan.

The Outcome

  • A market-entry strategy addressing entry markets, a regional strategy, a route-to-market plan and a pricing and distribution strategy.
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