Global Financial Services Client

Global Financial Services Client

The Challenge

Create a single, consistent fact base to uncover untapped opportunities, then contrast and compare markets.

The Approach

  • We gathered multiple reputable sources of information, data and indices from over 600 sources to develop a bespoke index to assess the relative opportunities across all countries.
  • We then developed a bespoke method to quantify the customer value pools across all segments (retail, commercial and corporate and investment banking) and supported this with rich-pen portraits of retail customer segments.
  • We concluded the project in a collaborative working session with our client to identify opportunities at a country level, with key themes for roll-out across the continent.

The Outcome

  • We achieved a consistent view across nine countries that combined an analysis of country themes, customer value pools, market opportunities for growth and segment typologies. A robust base was established from which the business could build market development plans.
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