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Is your brand nutrient rich?

Rhiannon Rees, Senior Strategist

25 September 2018

Is your brand nutrient rich?

We’ve all heard it before: Never skip breakfast! From the nutrition experts to our colleagues over morning coffee, we hear that we need to Get it All this morning so that we can Have It All today.

Science has shown us why breakfast is so important. Starting the day with something more than a grumble at the alarm clock has positive effects on our daily lives, as well as our health in the future, helping reduce risk of stroke, avoid high blood pressure, and stabilise blood sugar levels.

What we eat though is just as important as the eating itself. There’s little to be gained from having a bag of sour worms before 8am; you’ll crash before even getting into the office.

To experience the true benefits of breakfast, it should be:

  • Nutrient rich – supplying the body and mind with ingredients that give us energy, stamina, and sustenance.
  • Slow-release energy – so that it isn’t a quick-fix gap-filler but a slow-burner that will keep you going for longer.
  • Non-greasy, clean, and simple –so those regular bacon-and-sausages breakfasts are out of the question.

Just as a breakfast can change your whole day, a healthy and fulfilling start to your relationship with customers and clients can sustain you through the highs and dips of the future. Statistically, you’re likely to eat a lunch that is 4.9% larger than usual if you’ve skipped breakfast, and you don’t want someone else eating yours. Starting with the right foundation is critical.

Position your brand on something meaningful

If business longevity is what you aim for, then a quick dose of something synthetic is not going to cut it.

Building a relationship with your customers, clients, and colleagues requires that you give them something substantial to engage with. Surface-level won’t satisfy and will leave your people wanting. Positioning your brand on something tangible and relevant ensures that people’s hunger for meaning is satisfied.

Slow release beats quick burn out

As much as short-term satisfaction seems appealing, it’s really the longer-term fulfilment that ensures your business lasts and that customers keep coming back to you (there’s a reason why people have been having oats for breakfast for decades, and it’s not because they are the most delicious or exciting of breakfast foods).

People need to feel fulfilled and like they can go further with you; otherwise they can easily look for alternatives that fill the gaps faster.

Simple and easy to digest

There’s no need for unnecessary greasing.

In theory it might look appetising – especially after a brand hangover from one of your competitors – but in the end, having all of the unnecessary extras just leaves people feeling overwhelmed. Make sure that your brand is simple and to the point, being clear on exactly what needs that you aim to fulfil and how.

It’s true what they say, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Making sure that you introduce people to your brand in a wholesome, authentic, and sustainable way ensures that you can satisfy them not just for now, but into the future as well.

Originally published on Bbrief - Business Brief