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Brand Identity Transliteration

The Sasol brand is reaching new frontiers. Literally. With opportunities opening up in Asia, the Middle-East and Europe, Sasol identified the need to transliterate it’s English brand signature as well as the positioning statement into Arabic, Farsi, Mandarin, Katakana, Hindi and Portuguese.


Client Challenge

To translate the existing Sasol logo into six different alphabets, as well as the specification of monolithic application principles, in the form of a series of six individual electronic brand identity control manuals. 

Our Approach

The process of designing in a language (not to mention alphabet) with which you are not familiar poses significant challenges. The subtle idiosyncrasies of each alphabet with regards to orientation, positioning and sequence had to be established and then confirmed at regular intervals.

By dissecting the Sasol logotype and positioning statements down to their base components, we were able to reconstitute these elements into new letters, ideograms and characters.

The various language versions of the logo also had to be constituted in both stacked and extended versions.


  • Arabic, Farsi (Persian), Mandarin (Chinese), Hindi (India), Katakana (Japanese) and Portuguese versions of the Sasol logo, developed, refined, implemented and specified.


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