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Pepcell Brand Architecture Strategy

What is the right brand to enable Pepcell to grow? What is the best brand architecture strategy to leverage equity strengths?


Client Objective

The Pepcell brand has huge ambition to grow and capture more market share. What is the right brand to take this offering into the future? Is the current master brand strategy hindering the brand's ability or is it the best way to leverage equity and strengths

Yellowwood needed to help define how far the Pep brand can stretch and therefore what is the most suitable brand architecture for Pepcell.

The Outcome

An understanding of the equity and strengths of both the Pep and Pepcell brands as well as the requirements to play and win in the cellular category.

Based on this we developed a recommended Brand Architecture strategy to leverage the equity of the Pep parent brand at the same time as giving the Pepcell brand enough individuality to be relevant to and fulfil the needs of the primary target market for cellular.

PEPCell Phases


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