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Internal Brand Engagement Identity

Coca-Cola’s International’s internal brand engagement initiatives required global relevance and cutting-edge efficiency. Yellowwood have completed several brand engagement identity projects for one of the world’s leading brands.


Client Challenge

The development and implementation of internal brand engagement identities for Coca-Cola's global management training programme series of the The Coca-Cola University, across a wide range of media channels.

The Coca-Cola Way of Managing PeopleTM as well as The Coca-Cola WayTM initiatives required brand identities for print, promotional, intranet and other electronic applications.

The Coca-Cola Way of Managing PeopleTM required a logo that would illustrate the benefit of mutual collaboration, with an overt "human element", but without specific reference to neither gender nor ethnicity. This visual theme had to facilitate functional information navigation across the entire program.

Our Approach

Effective internal brand engagement initiatives require clear and single-minded positioning, yet strict adherence to established primary visual band parameters. Functional extensions of the brand engagement identity are paramount given the range of media application and sheer scope of information to be communicated.


  • Brand engagement identities
  • Supporting visual language elements
  • Primary, promotional and electronic collateral
  • Intranet portal and information navigation design


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