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Corporate brand name generation and identity creation in a rapidly changing media landscape

Avusa (previously Johnnic Communications) was a traditional media company looking to prepare itself for an exciting digital future. It sought a corporate name, brand image and identity that would reflect its new strategic intent.


Client challenge

Given that the media category was likely to be radically different two to three years from when the project began, Yellowwood was tasked to develop a relevant brand positioning for one of the country's biggest media companies with global aspirations in the fast-growing digital sphere. Based on the positioning, Yellowwood would create a new name and brand image for the business as well as get all the relevant internal stakeholders to understand, internalise and support the new name, new image and brand strategy.

Our approach

First the Yellowwood team immersed themselves in the media category: we spent time understanding the business and media category challenges and opportunities. These macro and micro category discoveries informed the development of an overarching brand strategy that united the disparate media brands across the group.

Next we developed brand naming criteria, which served to guide the name generation process. Once the name had been generated, we documented a strategic rationale for the selected name, which would go on to inform the brand engagement process. 

The next phase was to create the brand identity along with all the relevant applications and a brand control manual. To guide the naming and application of the brand identity to the Avusa group divisions, we had developed a brand architecture strategy.

Lastly, we developed a brand engagement programme that would ensure that all relevant stakeholders understood what the brand stood for. The top-level brand and image engagement plan played an important role in aligning the behaviours and values of internal staff members.

The Solution / Output

Yellowwood has succeeded at the often difficult task of brand naming. The new brand name was supported by a stretching yet credible brand strategy as well as a striking identity that will take the Avusa brand forward into a digital future for media.


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