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Premiumisation in the Asian retail market

Abagold is committed to the sustainable cultivation of environmentally friendly abalone of the highest possible quality, for the Asian retail market.


Client Challenge

To develop a brand positioning and resulting packaging solution for Abagold's world-class abalone product in the Asian market, as well as an evolution of the primary Abagold brand identity as a corporate entity. The packaging concept had to answer the requirements of the brand positioning, within the context of the premium abalone category manifest in Asia.

Given the marketplace, all communication had to be designed (or transliterated) into a combination of contemporary and traditional mandarin.

Our Approach

The project required a thorough audit of category competitors and retail context, by both region and channel. A brand positioning was developed after category trends were identified, and a thorough understanding of the Asian retail aesthetic had to be developed. A variety of Mandarin and Cantonese brand names were developed and tested in a series of packaging concepts. 

The packaging design concept was based on established and relevant premiumisation principles and production values. A central part of the communication strategy involved the development of a series of authentification devices in the form of a range of icons, in order to communicate unique selling propositions relevant to the category. Production values allow for these icons to be produced as individual decals, which are then applied to each pack, by hand.

The packaging concept is flexible enough to extend across different sizes and formats, affording the brand truly monolithic consistency, irrespective of product offering or presentation.


  • Brand positioning strategy
  • Evolution of primary Abagold corporate brand identity
  • Development of premium food packaging concept
  • Refinement and implementation of both dried and canned product offering packaging systems.


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