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Why there is no 'women's market'...

It's a mistake for marketers to segment purely based on gender, as they're unlikely to tap into the most important drivers of behaviour and decision making. Instead, it is 'smart marketing' that will win the day, says Nicky Steel.

There is no doubt that women are a serious force within the economy. In 2009 the highly respected Harvard Business Review went so far as to say that "women drive the global economy" and there are reams of statistics and facts to back this up. On frequently cited statistic is that women are responsible for 85% of all purchasing decisions in the USA.

For marketers and brand owners this is clearly a rather appealing market and the most obvious question to ask is how do we get a piece of this action for ourselves? How do we successfully market to women?

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Article as published in Strategic Marketing Magazine.

2012-05-12 Womens Market


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