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Renewing Your Brand Vows - Getting the ‘I Do’

Irwin Corey, an actor and vaudeville comedian, once commented: “Marriage is like a bank account: you put in, you take out, you lose interest.”

In today’s tough environment, brands are arguably finding themselves in similar ‘love spats’ with consumers. Indeed, the economic downturn caused quite a few nasty brand break-ups, as well as some expedient hook-ups.

The pertinent question for every marketer in such confusing times, is: ‘What makes a brand marriage successful in the long term?’  Without doubt, the ‘connection’ has to go far beyond a heady romance.

As marketers well know, the challenge with brand relationships is that you need two willing parties, not just a willing brand. That said, it is the brand’s role to woo consumers, convince them beyond question that they understand their needs, and then offer better value than the competition. 

Take Uber, for example. The company has become hugely successful worldwide, simply by understanding the consumer pain point and then finding ways to consistently ease their pain, make life smoother and make the relationship feel worthwhile.

Arguably, the ultimate goal for brands looking to build relationships and form emotional connections is earning consumers’ trust and loyalty. For consumers, this usually comes from consistently feeling delighted – and excited – about using a brand.  The challenge for brands, therefore, is to find ways to continuously delighttheir consumers.

At the end of the day, a brand is a long-term promise to the consumer. If you find that your consumers are getting cold feet, invest in the relationship! Maybe it’s time to dust off your promise, make sure it’s still relevant to what the market wants, and renew your commitment. A successful marriage means understanding your partner, listening to them, and finding ways to delight them.

Hopefully, you’ll hear those two words in return: “I do.”


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