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Company values: Ditch the clichés, embrace the meaningful
BY Elsa Gouws
24 August 2016
In an age of high competitive intensity and a tough economic climate, companies are struggling to drive brand differentiation and attract top talent. As a result, it is critical to express who you are as a company through a distinctive set of values.
Aspirational brands for the South African consumer
BY Nicole Velleman
29 September 2014
It’s no secret that South Africans are aspirational. We’re a nation of big-dreamers and self-starters that want to make things happen and build a better, more successful future for ourselves and those around us. And it’s not just a sentiment either – it’s a reality.
Battleground Africa: The Coming Financial Services Brand War
BY Paul Drawbridge
1 September 2014
The financial services industry is still pretty under-developed in most parts of Africa. Penetration of banking is low, internet banking is just starting up and very few people are currently insured. It’s not uncommon to find people, especially in rural areas, who would rather keep their money hidden in their homes than entrust a bank with it.
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