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The Deep Image
BY Richard Stone
31 December 2010
An article on 3-D Design by Richard Stone, which has been published by Design> Magazine in December 2010.
2010: A year of new Ad-Think
BY Andy Rice
1 December 2010
Was 2010 a watershed year for South Africa’s advertising industry? Did the global recession cause marketing budgets to implode? Did the World Cup bring benefits only to brands directly involved in the event? As we head into 2011, are ad agencies in clover or in crisis?
Trust: The "glue" of your brand's life
BY Nicky Steel
1 November 2010
If trust is the "lock and key", then how to generate trust? What is a trusted brand?
Viva la banking difference!
BY Nicky Steel
1 October 2010
The SA banking system is complex and sophisticated. Five major players together control 92% of the financial services industry. Due to a high capital outlay and industry regulation, one might think that the threat of new entrants is low. Yet the emergence of niche banks like community banks, industry specialists, and non-banks focusing on specific areas of the market should not be under-estimated.
Renewing your brand vows
BY Carol Avenant
1 September 2010
Actor and vaudeville comedian Irwin Corey said: "Marriage is like a bank account: you put in, you take out, you lose interest." Brands are finding themselves in similar love spats with consumers these days. The recession caused quite a few brand break-ups as well as some quick hook-ups that sometimes ended in tears. So what makes a brand marriage successful? Having read the recently released Interbrand Best Global Brands 2010 report, it became clear that it takes more than just romance.
Ayobaness of Loxion kulcha
BY Al Mackay
1 August 2010
2010 and the rise of localization: Why we should be building city brands as much as our national brand.
People Revolution
BY Al Mackay
1 July 2010
Power has shifted to individuals. What does this mean for attracting a new generation of talent?
Update your status
BY Al Mackay
1 June 2010
What does status mean in a world falling out of love with consumption?
The Age of Responsibility
BY Al Mackay
1 May 2010
A young marketing strategist is likely to be more sensitive than most to the familiar accusation that what marketers do is "try to sell people things they don't need." Just about any generational study you could find would back me up that nothing is more horrifying to a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Gen Y than the concept of working for a Big Bad Corporate with no soul. Selling people things they don't need is not only 'selling out,' but it's responsible for everything from ecological collapse to social malaise.
How to differentiate your brand through effective product design (Article 5 in the series)
BY Richard Stone
31 March 2010
With the prominence of branding, packaging becomes the living embodiment of a brand’s personality, says Richard Stone, creative director of Yellowwood Future Architects, writing exclusively for Marketing Mix.
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