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Lessons from Uncle Sam
BY Carol Avenant
28 June 2011
During an interview with a local CEO, Carol Avenant was given a copy of Sam Walton’s book Made in America. Here she shares some of the secrets to success he imparted in his book.
Collaborate to create
BY Al Mackay
25 May 2011
The internet has done so much more than extend access to information to more people than ever before. It has shifted the behaviour of the world from consuming to participating.
The recipe for creating a great brand
BY Nicky Steel
12 May 2011
Consumers prefer tried and tested brands, consistency is key to brand loyalty. But consumers are now better-informed and more selective with the advent of the digital age. This means marketers have to adjust their approach slightly.
Everything is social
BY Al Mackay
1 April 2011
How we choose what we will buy or use is becoming increasingly social.
Branding lessons from the highway
BY Carol Avenant
31 March 2011
I don't profess to be skilled in many things, but when it comes to branding and traffic I consider myself an expert. My claim to fame in branding is that my day job is being a strategist at Yellowwood - I live, breathe and brainstorm strategies for big and small, local and international brands daily.
How to win with people in the digital revolution
BY Al Mackay
1 March 2011
There is a constant downpour of conversations, live data and usage analytics.
A new brand is not always the answer
BY Nicky Steel
1 March 2011
Recently I have worked with quite a few clients who, quite frankly, had created too many brands. It may be odd for a brand strategist to be saying this, but you need to think twice before creating a new brand.
It's not what you know...
BY Al Mackay
28 February 2011
The social media revolution has made communications social. It sounds like a platitude but it isn’t.
The Maths of Branding
BY Carol Avenant
21 February 2011
Being a marketer in an over-stimulated, attention-short, choice-flooded, multi-channel, social media driven world is hard work. We have to remind ourselves to stop what we're doing, take a deep breath and look at what's going on outside our own environment. It helps us to be aware of the next big trend, or even just a one-off innovation that's going to shake things up a bit.
2011: Time for a Marketing Makeover
BY Nicky Steel
1 January 2011
As companies tackle the prospect of a new year which is shaping up to be as challenging as the last one, marketing will most likely not be appearing near the top of boardroom agendas.
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