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The third installment in our 'How To' Series
BY Nicky Steel
11 November 2011
It's all in the Name.
The second installment in our "How To Series".
BY Nicky Steel
11 November 2011
How to create a powerful brand proposition.
The first installment in our 'How To' Series
BY Nicky Steel
11 November 2011
Discover if your big idea has what it takes to make it in the real world.
Think Local, Act Global
BY David Blyth
21 October 2011
Why We Should Challenge
Participation is a Doing Word
BY Nicky Steel
11 October 2011
So how are South African brands living up to the 'participation' mandate?
The power of the three C's
BY Carol Avenant
8 September 2011
Carol Avenant tells us why the fact that the world of branding has changed is no longer new news.
Learning to play pinball
BY Al Mackay
24 August 2011
In the accelerating world of market and marketing change, it’s comforting to find a metaphor that simply and accurately captures what is going on. So here one is: marketing has evolved from a game of ten-pin bowling to one of pinball.
Value is still the new black
BY Al MacKay
5 August 2011
The problem with Value is it doesn't sound like a trend at all. It sounds like the oldest trick in the book; an obvious factor in your product offering.
Building the ultimate customer and brand relationship
BY Nicky Steel
26 July 2011
For years marketers the world over have been aiming to build a 'relationship' with their customers, based on the premise that a relationship leads to loyalty which in turn leads to sales. This all sounds fair enough, but what is this relationship we are trying to build? NICKY STEEL explores this.
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