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Marketing Departments 2012 - A Centre for Business Ideas
BY David Blyth
1 June 2012
So much has changed over the last 25 years – both business and consumers have changed significantly – especially in their expecations of brands. Yet for the most part, the structure and the role of the marketing department has essentially stayed the same.
What? Branding lessons from Justin Bieber?
BY Nicky Steel
25 May 2012
I'm about to show my age and related ignorance of teen pop culture when I say that a couple of days ago I knew little about Justin Bieber other than a teenage boy with floppy hair that sang a song called "Baby, Baby, Baby" that most young girls in the Western world seem to be crazy about.
Why there is no 'women's market'...
BY Nicky Steel
12 May 2012
It's a mistake for marketers to segment purely based on gender, as they're unlikely to tap into the most important drivers of behaviour and decision making. Instead, it is 'smart marketing' that will win the day, says Nicky Steel.
The Five Behaviours of Successful Brands of the Future
BY David Blyth
3 April 2012
The scale and nature of social connectedness has evolved – enabled by social media – and this has defined a new kind of consumer. The consumer that we know today has a powerful sense of self-determination, expectations of choice and a greater sense of control over their own lives – including how and why they choose a brand.
Brands that have stood the test of time
BY Nicole Zetler
30 March 2012
What do Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Levi Strauss & Co., Volkswagen, KFC, Marlboro cigarettes and Mrs Balls Chutney all have in common? They all have lived through at least one World War, the rise and fall of Communism, the ‘flower power’ 60’s, the first man on the moon, bad hair of the 1980s and not to forget the most recent financial crisis.
Building powerful employer brands: lessons from social media
BY Shekha Samjee
8 December 2011
Tapping into the same human needs by creating intelligent, interactive systems in which employees can become engaged is a natural next step and a valuable lesson that social media can teach global corporations.
Are South Africans shopaholics and what does that mean for retailers?
BY Nicole Zetler
30 November 2011
Retail strategy requires constant revision. Develop a clear understanding of how your market understands 'value' in order to negotiate a market offering that is relevant to clients.
Local is Lekker
BY Nicole Zetler
21 November 2011
Key learnings that SA brands can take from one another.
The Foundation for Trust in your Brand
BY Nicky Steel
17 November 2011
NICKY STEEL looks at brand integrity and that value of living up to the promises you make in your marketing strategy
A Brand New World
BY Martmeri Roos
16 November 2011
Consumers are running the show themselves. They can fast forward, switch off and turn the dial in search of the brands with conversations that really engage them.
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