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Getting Relevance Right
BY Nicole Zetler
25 March 2013
Nothing is as important in marketing as relevance. If your products, services, communications and experiences are not relevant to the people you are trying to reach, you may as well pack up and go home.
Acting from purpose is good business
BY Dhatchani Christian
25 February 2013
Ask 50 marketing professionals what branding is, and you’re likely to get 50 different answers. Likely variations will include building a reputation, and positioning an organisation perceptually to address a perceived customer need relative to competitors - relevant definitions, but perhaps too narrow and too externally driven.
Breaking through the clutter to get noticed in-store
BY Nicole Zetler
13 February 2013
The retail industry in South Africa has never been better. As soon as we think that this ‘shopping boom’ has plateaued, the likes of Woolworths or Shoprite release an update that year-on-year growth is yet again on the rise. Who can blame the horde of international brands for wanting to enter our market to get in on this action?
How shopping centres can remain relevant in 2013
BY Honoré Gasa
29 January 2013
Once the recession started to recede, many struggling shopping centres expected consumer spending to pick up. This didn’t happen - instead, a new shopping context has emerged in SA with many recessionary shopping patterns having become habitual.
Business Growth Requires Smart Marketing
BY David Blyth
23 January 2013
Marketing is confronted with a stark choice. To avoid losing its place on the business ladder, it must either step up and become an integrated hub of insight and innovation or fall down to the rung of catchy tunes and pretty pictures.
CIO : I is for IT or Insight?
BY David Blyth
14 November 2012
Many people have heard of the Greenwashing Index. For those that don’t know, it is a consumer-driven website that allows you to list the activities/actions of companies who advertise their ‘green’ initiatives but in one way or another, are perceived to have conflicting operating practices.
The changing face of the store
BY Lilian Plomp
12 November 2012
Despite today’s massive proliferation of mobile and online channels, the reality is that the majority of purchasing decisions are still being made in-store. In South Africa, in-store is the second most powerful channel after radio, reaching 89,7% of the SA population. (OMD Media Facts, 2011).
In-store vs. Online shopping: Are brands at risk of losing the connection with customers?
BY Chevara Naidoo
5 November 2012
Shopping has always been a sensory experience: The brush of the fabric, the aroma of the store and the buzz of the people all stimulate the senses. In the constant human pursuit to make things more convenient and accessible in our busy lives, the shopping experience is starting to lose its touch. Is the new ‘avenue’ of shopping online causing brands to lose existing and potential connections with customers?
Is it time to rebrand?
BY Robert Jameson
11 October 2012
Change is both terrifying and exciting... but most importantly, its inevitable. It is the driving force behind the growth that allows brands to capitalise on current and future market opportunities.
Doing Business On Purpose - David
BY David Blyth
23 July 2012
We live in a world where customers and any other key stakeholders can see right through us and have the power to do something about what they don’t like
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