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Why Stories Help to Change Minds
BY Donna-Rae Patricios
30 September 2013
The art of storytelling is integral to marketing now. It is espoused by branding and communication leaders the world over, who point to humanity’s thousands of years of relying on stories to capture and convey information.
Creating a Learning Culture
BY Al Mackay
14 August 2013
Leading organisations centre everything they do on consumer insight. Most marketers understand the importance of real, deep, intuitive insight into their markets – it helps them create messaging that resonates and produce products and services that meet functional, emotional and social needs.
The Accessible Superstar
BY Al Mackay
14 August 2013
Recently, a video went viral of teenage girls sobbing uncontrollably in Checkers when they heard that golden circle tickets to Justin Bieber’s Cape Town concert had sold out. It was really funny, but it was also a sign of the kind of fervour his fans feel for him.
Tertiary Institutions and Millennial Appeal: What to do with your logo
BY Ane Du Preez and Ross Thornton-Dibb
15 July 2013
Tertiary education is becoming increasingly important to a new generation of South Africans. These Millennials are looking for quality education at an affordable price, and these first-time ‘consumers’ often rely on visual cues to navigate the category.
Doing Business on Purpose in a bottom-line driven world
BY Dhatchani Christian
27 June 2013
In a bottom-line driven world, purpose may sound like a fluffy, vague thing to focus your energy on. Many organisations are still of the view that purpose and profit are mutually exclusive, but some of the world’s most remarkable businesses have been built with purposeful intent.
The shift towards values-based marketing
BY David Blyth
26 June 2013
To identify what it takes to build a brand that will survive and thrive into the future, we shifted our focus from the present day to the world in 2020. By imagining what the world will look, feel and sound like in seven years’ time, we could separate the important social shifts from the marketing fads that generate so much buzz today.
Innovation Inside the Box
BY Honore Gasa
18 June 2013
In a past life, I worked as a researcher inside a team of specialist innovators for a large corporation. I attended dozens of innovation sessions, most of which were of the old-fashioned brainstorm type where ‘no idea is stupid’ and where we were encouraged to think ‘out of the box’. What I realised after a while, was that we tended to come up with the same ideas over and over again, irrespective of who was in the room.
Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Innovation in Emerging Markets
BY Nicole Zetler
17 May 2013
The term, ‘Emerging Market’ is no longer topical; it’s a table stake! A decade ago these mysterious markets filled with untapped potential were only for the brave and stupid to conquer. However, as time has passed and potential has been realised, the fear of entering these markets has eased. According to Bloomberg Business Week, emerging markets are expected to produce 75% of the world’s growth in the foreseeable future.
Get out from behind your desk
BY Al Mackay
9 April 2013
“A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world” goes John le Carré’s famous saying. It’s an important lesson for marketers to remember, as they grapple with sophisticated segmentation studies and sit in on powerpoint presentations about their consumers.
Brand Relevance is all about Context
BY David Blyth
25 March 2013
Relevance is such an easy word to say but a very difficult word to be. Why? We think that marketers spend too much time looking to other markets to see what is new and exciting ‘over there’. Terms like Big Data, Gamification and Predictive personalisation abound but how relevant are these trends to South African brands?
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