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Four Steps to Brand Survival in Tough Economic Times
BY David Blyth
29 May 2014
The news of “a significant downward revision of South Africa’s economic growth forecast for this year”[1] will be setting off alarm bells in many marketers’ minds.
Brands that have made it in the new South Africa
BY Al Mackay & David Blyth
19 May 2014
Democratic South Africa turned twenty last month, and we think it’s an excellent time to take stock of the progress the country has made, and whether brands are keeping up with our rapidly-changing market.
Unite and Conquer: The Power of Togetherness to Inspire South African Consumers
BY Al Mackay
16 April 2014
Take a look at the election posters currently hugging lamp-posts across the country and it’s easy to spot a theme: “Together we move South Africa forward” and “Together for change. Together for jobs”
Voters as heroes and the art of brand loyalty
BY Al Mackay
2 April 2014
The level of loyalty and emotional investment that political parties in this country get out of their supporters is quite staggering, especially when you consider that they are only allowed big ‘advertising’ campaigns once every five years. If private sector brands could elicit such customer loyalty, their marketing directors would retire at 40 – rich, happy and fulfilled.
Brand-Building in Nigeria: a South African Marketers’ Guide
BY David Blyth
2 April 2014
Nigeria is a priority market for many businesses looking to expand their footprint on the continent. With a population of 175 million, it is Africa’s largest market and has an economy that is growing much faster than South Africa’s.
Africa's Marketing Imperatives
BY David Blyth
7 March 2014
Africa is a continent of continents; massive in scale and diversity. Expanding across Africa requires not just careful consideration and planning but nerves of steel to deal with the complexities in data gathering, politics, consumer influences, exchange rate fluctuations and ways of doing business.
Brands Are More Than Product Features
BY Nicole Velleman
21 February 2014
A recent article on the Harvard Business Review website caused a stir in our office. 'Three Long-Held Concepts Every Marketer Should Rethink' suggested that brand, loyalty and positioning are increasingly irrelevant in the consumer decision-making process, given the ease with which we can evaluate products based on the experiences and opinions of others. The authors argue that there has been a fundamental shift in the way we make purchasing decisions, undermining the ‘key concepts’ and long-held beliefs of marketing.
Building Great Brands in 2014
BY Al Mackay
29 January 2014
Building powerful brands is like investing in the stock market – you need to anticipate and respond to important shifts in context, but you also can’t panic with every market fluctuation. It is important to distinguish between fads and game-changers, to get the fundamentals right, and to hold a long-term view.
Nailing it in Nairobi: Lessons for building brands in East Africa
BY Al Mackay
29 January 2014
East Africa is the new the land of milk and honey for many companies. Many South African brands are working hard to make it in the region, and they have large global brands hot on their heels. But what does it take to succeed in the region?
CSI: Red Herring or Social Imperative?
BY Dhatchani Christian
3 October 2013
Anyone with their finger on the pulse of marketing would know that we are moving towards a future of generosity, caring and sustainability.
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