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Pressure points of being a youth in the SA workplace
BY David Blyth
1 March 2016
Last year’s Matriculants, who form part of the Millennial generation, represent a new way of thinking, working and interacting in the workplace. It is also becoming increasingly clear that they will face some tough challenges on the road ahead…and employers need to take these challenges into account.
What about why?
BY Rhiannon Rees
23 February 2016
Have you ever found yourself Googling some mild cold symptoms, and after three hours of in-depth analysis, diagnosed yourself with a rare and fatal disease? What about popping onto Facebook to see a friend’s newest photo uploads, but somehow finding yourself on her boyfriend’s cousin’s best friend’s younger sister’s boyfriend’s page?
Koo and Yellowwood repackage a rich brand story
BY Ross Thornton-Dibb
8 February 2016
Koo, one of South Africa’s favourite brands (2015 Sunday Times Top Brands Survey) has partnered with Yellowwood Future Architects to overhaul its on-shelf presence after a decade of comfort in the same clothes.
The Three I's of 2016
BY Shannon Sandilands
1 February 2016
As we settle into the New Year and continue to ride the wave of optimism, fresh thinking and enthusiasm. We find ourselves emerging out of a marketing cycle triggered by a flood of trend reports and market predictions - and whilst some of these ‘trends’ ignite our creativity and spark some ideas, understanding and implementing them can be more challenging than sticking to our New Year’s resolutions.
Brand Politics: Balancing personal and organisational brands
BY Al Mackay
6 May 2015
Helen Zille’s news last month that she would not be standing for re-election as the leader of the Democratic Alliance surprised almost everyone who heard it. With no obvious replacement with her kind of stature or experience, it makes you realise how risky it can be to have such concentrated brand power in the leader of an organisation.
BY Elsa Gouws
6 May 2015
Sadly, for many organizations, marketing is the job of the marketing department. It operates on its own silo, with very little influence on business strategy or operations. It rarely has any representation on the board, and without an executive voice, it just becomes a "nice to have'. Marketing strategy gets dropped on the CEO's desk with a "thud" and from there on out it gathers dust.
2015 will bring overt customer obsession
BY David Blyth
2 February 2015
The fundamentals of marketing excellence will never change. Just like the shopkeepers who earned their customers’ trust before the age of branding, powerful brands are those that understand and relate to people, listen and respond with high emotional intelligence and generally make the customer feel good about him or herself.
People first: the role of employer brands in driving growth
BY Elsa Gouws
1 February 2015
The global war for talent is intensifying, making it increasingly difficult for businesses without strong employer brands to be competitive. In South Africa the talent supply/demand curve is particularly skewed. In 2012, for example, only 15% of our bachelor’s students graduated. There are simply not enough skilled job candidates to go around, and that means that those with the skills call the shots.
Aspirational brands for the South African consumer
BY Nicole Velleman
29 September 2014
It’s no secret that South Africans are aspirational. We’re a nation of big-dreamers and self-starters that want to make things happen and build a better, more successful future for ourselves and those around us. And it’s not just a sentiment either – it’s a reality.
Battleground Africa: The Coming Financial Services Brand War
BY Paul Drawbridge
1 September 2014
The financial services industry is still pretty under-developed in most parts of Africa. Penetration of banking is low, internet banking is just starting up and very few people are currently insured. It’s not uncommon to find people, especially in rural areas, who would rather keep their money hidden in their homes than entrust a bank with it.
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