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A Pricey Education - recession takes marketing back to basics
BY Biz Community
30 March 2010
Having survived the global financial crisis, marketers are breathing a collective sigh of relief. Yet it is imperative that we don't forget the valuable lessons learned from the recession when the good times roll around again.
Research: Truth is in the eye of the beholder
BY Jenny Moore
18 March 2010
In response to Dianne Bailey's editorial note "Just too much rubbish research" (Feb 2010), Jenny felt compelled to add her two cents worth to the debate.
Women are the Key to Your Success
BY Kay Nash
8 March 2010
The world is finally waking up to the power of women, both as consumers and drivers of economies, says Kay Nash. (Article appeared in Saturday Star 6 March 2010)
How to use market insight and research to build your brand (Article 4 in the series)
BY Jenny Moore
1 February 2010
How do I use Market Insight and Research to build and support my brand? And what are myoptions and how to decide what is most appropriate? (Marketing Mix February 2010)
How to Name your brand / company (Article 3 in the series)
BY Carol Avenant
1 January 2010
How do you generate a name for your new brand/product/service? Where do you start? What criteria should you consider? What are the watch-outs? What makes a good name? (Marketing Mix January 2010)
How to define your brand proposition and experience (Article 2 in the series)
1 November 2009
Last month we discussed how to identify the opportunity or 'sweet spot' for your brand or idea. Now that is decided, how do you start telling people about it? What is it that you should actually be saying and promising? And what is the experience that you want to create – how should it feel when your customers interact with your brand? (November 2009 Marketing Mix)
How to define the Opportunity (Article 1 in the series)
BY Nicky Steel
1 October 2009
How to define the opportunity for your new brand / product / service? What questions to ask? What information to gather? What do you need to consider? (Marketing Mix October 2009)
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