Portfolio Strategy

Creating the right mix of products and services to achieve your goals.

A portfolio strategy outlines how a company will use different brands and branding elements to drive profitable growth. 

Portfolio strategy is about building a collection of brands or offerings with different strengths and limitations. Decisions that are optimal for one brand may not be optimal for another and building a successful portfolio strategy is about trade-offs and tough choices. A portfolio strategy ensures you make decisions within a broad framework and don't make decisions in isolation that cost money and may not enhance your business's overall success in the category.

A planned portfolio strategy creates guidelines for future creation, acquisition, building or divesting decisions, and provides focus around your future strategy.

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Client Results
Design a packaging solution for a new ingestible collagen product.
The directive was a to investigate both the skincare and cosmetics category and develop a concept that would have both pharmaceutical and premium cues.
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 'Experts' can often be bullish, constantly trying to prove themselves and show how much they know. You guys know your stuff, but don't come across as arrogant. You engaged and worked with us. You made the process fun! 
- Marijke Coetzee – Redefine Properties
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