Marketing Audits

Understand how effective your marketing is and what you can do to improve it.

Sometimes it's helpful to get an independent perspective on whether you're on the right track with your brand and marketing efforts - this is where our Marketing/Communication Audits come in.

As an independent external expert, Yellowwood will you understand what your objectives are and then review your activities against these.

We will highlight where you're doing well in delivering on your objectives, identify where there are gaps or weaknesses in your plan and activities and make recommendations on how to address these going forward.

Our audits are practical and we draw on the team's years of expertise in Marketing and Branding to give useful advice to better leverage and strengthen your brand.

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Client Results
Xiocom Wireless
Brand Identity Development
Xiocom Wireless, an Atlanta based communication technology company has become a true world telecommunications player through its unique leading wireless and connectivity innovation technology.
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 Yellowwood constantly bring smart and new thinking to the table. 
- Margaret Nienaber, CEO Standard Bank, ex Group Director People and Brand, Santam
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