Our Purpose

We exist to build better businesses, and brands that matter.

At Yellowwood, we are all about building better businesses. We help our clients better understand their customers and employees so that they can re-humanise their marketing to build brands that drive change. 

 We work hard to bring strategic clarity and Unconventional Wisdom to client challenges, because we believe helping clients better serve their markets is better for them, better for their customers and better for society, too. Our work gets us up in the morning because it's always fascinating, never fails to stretch us and tickles our insatiable curiosity. 

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Client Results
Corporate brand name generation and identity creation in a rapidly changing media landscape
Avusa (previously Johnnic Communications) was a traditional media company looking to prepare itself for an exciting digital future. It sought a corporate name, brand image and identity that would reflect its new strategic intent.
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 They've assisted us in refining our brand definition, comprising of the brand essence, positioning and architecture. We were pleased with Yellowwood's professionalism, as well as the insights and quality of work that they produced. Based on their delivery and the value that they've consistently added to our business, we would recommend them as a strategic partner 
- Anêl Grobler, Santam
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