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We are an eclectic mix of minds and talents – innovative, smart, curious and talented.

Shannon Sandilands

Shannon is a strategist with a keen interest in consumer behaviour and how brands influence consumer motivation, perception and behaviours. She joined Yellowwood in August 2015, after spending some time as a Junior Strategist at J. Walter Thompson, bringing with her a sunny disposition that lights up the whole office.

She graduated with distinction from the AAA School of Advertising in 2014 with a BA in Marketing Communications, and specialised in Brand Management and Account Management. Ever the achiever, she proved herself more than capable by winning several awards in her year, including the Yellowwood Trophy for Top Student.

Shannon is a closet geek, and is always eager to learn. She is driven by developing brands that are meaningful and relevant, and as a result is particularly interested in learning more about different cultures, societies, pop culture and history. Sheis quick-witted and optimistic, and never fails to identify an opportunity to help people and make a meaningful difference in their lives.


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