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Rhiannon Rees

Rhiannon is a Strategist full of enthusiasm, eagerness and energy. With a particular interest in how socio-economics influence consumer mindsets and behaviours, Rhiannon enjoys combining theories of ethics, philosophy, psychology and economics to build steadfast brands.

Rhiannon joined the Yellowwood team as an intern in October 2014, after completing her Honours degree in Brand Management and Leadership at Vega. Even while studying, she showed unwavering dedication to her work, graduating with distinction and winning the Vega Pencil Award for top student. Rhiannon was later employed permanently as part of Yellowwood’s strategy team in January 2015, bringing her infectious spirit with her.

She loves learning and sharing knowledge, and is very often on the edge of an anxious but exciting breakthrough. She is a lover of non-fiction and believes that a good brainstorm session with post-its and snacks is the solution to almost any problem. Above all else, she strongly believes in the power of a bold lipstick, a quick pep-talk, and the gravely misunderstood semi-colon.



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