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Mmasechaba Kalane
Insights Manager

Mmasechaba is an Insights Manager at Yellowwood, providing valuable insight and expertise that informs effective brand strategy. She is committed to the design, execution and delivery of quantitative and qualitative research projects that support our internal strategy team as well as external client projects.

Known more affectionately as Chabi, she graduated in 2010 with a Business Science degree, with Honours in Marketing from UCT. Chabi proved herself as a specialist in market research and consumer behaviour, by rising quickly through the ranks at TNS South Africa to Senior Research Executive, before joining Yellowwood in September 2015.

She is a lively, sociable and outgoing person, with a penchant for discovering new things and expanding her knowledge. She enjoys engaging in activities that stimulate the mind and challenge current perceptions, encouraging people to think outside of their comfort zones. Chabi believes in always seeking answers to all kinds of questions, and commits herself to never stop learning.


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