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Yellowwood is a leading marketing strategy, brand development and design consultancy.

Our _story
Founded in 1997, we were the first independent brand strategy consultancy in South Africa. Today we are acknowledged leaders in marketing and brand strategy, serving clients across the region and internationally.
Our _people
Many organisations claim that their people are their most important assets. In our line of business people are basically the only asset we have! 

Careers at Yellowwood

We have 2 offices in South Africa: One in Greenpoint, Cape Town and the other in Illovo, Johannesburg. In each office we have a team of brand strategists, insight managers and designers.

Our teams are quite lean (but mean) but we are always on the look out to meet bright, new talent.

We also offer internships to graduates who are keen to gain some exposure to the world we operate in. We have committed to ourselves that we will bring young graduates into our business, to share with them, coach them, involve them, challenge them and hopefully grow them into real brand experts. And the benefit to us is that we have fresh, new minds in our business to challenge, disrupt and make us think differently. Internships are typically 4 - 8 weeks (unpaid).

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Client Results
Rhino Action Group Effort
Yellowwood was asked to create a brand identity for the Rhino Action Group Effort.
RAGE would serve as a conduit for public contributions to aid in the prevention of rhino poaching and the illegal sale of rhino horn.
How can we help?
To discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results, please contact us
 Yellowwood are extremely professional and have consistently delivered work that is of very high standard. 
- Andre Beyers, ex Marketing Director, Vital Health Foods
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